5 cents Brunei Postage Stamp - Chapel Street Stamps
Quatre Milliemes Egyption Postage Stamp - Chapel Street Stamps
Twenty-five cents Northern Borneo Postage Stamp - Chapel Street Stamps
Seven Mille Postage Stamp - Chapel Street Stamps
Ten cents Brunei Postage Stamp - Chapel Street Stamps
Four Mille Egyption Postage Stamp - Chapel Street Stamps
Fifty cents Malaysian Postage Stamp - Chapel Street Stamps
Greek Postage Stamp - Chapel Street Stamps

Jon Huxley - Chapel Street StampsStarting Out

I had no knowledge of stamp collecting when I inherited my dad’s huge stamp collection. Selling the whole lot at auction seemed the best thing to do. After talking to some stamp auction houses, I didn’t entirely trust that I’d be getting the best price, so I thought I’d have a go and value them myself using stamp catalogues. A year later, I’d valued and sold the lot – but something had changed that I wasn’t expecting – I became interested in the whole business of stamps…and five years later here I am valuing, buying, and selling stamps!

Ten cents Malyasian Postage Stamp - Chapel Street StampsHow to Value Stamps

Like many people, when I first looked at a stamp catalogue, I was delighted to see that my dad’s collection was worth a fortune! I then found out that the catalogue price was not the stamp’s value but simply a sale price – it is what you’d pay if you bought that stamp from that catalogue company and that’s all. The catalogues are really useful though as a benchmark price and very often stamps (singly or in collection) are being sold between a fifth and a tenth of the catalogue prices, depending on the condition of the stamps.


Valuing and Selling Your Stamps

If you have a collection to sell (large or small) and you are in a radius of 20 miles from me, I can come to view your stamps, that area includes: Warminster, Westbury, Frome, Trowbridge, Bradford On Avon, Salisbury.

If you are in or near Bath (or just fancy a day out there) You can bring your stamps to me for a valuation at my business premises.

If you are further afield than the Somerset Wiltshire border and would like a valuation I can meet you on Zoom and I can view the stamps remotely.

Valuations are made free of charge

Greek Postage Stamp - Chapel Street StampsBasic Principles

  1. I will treat you as I would like to be treated
  2. I will not rip you off
  3. I will value your collection and offer a price based on what I can see in the time available. If it is a large collection it may take more than one visit. The offer price will be based on a percentage of catalogue prices


After a Purchase

There is much work for me to do in sorting out the valuable from the less or unvaluable items after which I will sell the stamps either online or at auction.

Buying Stamps From Me

Online at ebay, click here.

Contact Me

If you think I could be of help, please get in touch

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